Saturday, January 05, 2013

Almost the end of our time in Zaragoza

I'm posting some images from an amazing walk we took yesterday, mostly because they are pieces of a whole that is not recognizable. Maybe I'll post something about the context later.

Today we have a hectic social agenda, to say goodbye to people before we leave tomorrow. On Sunday, we'll drive to stay the night in Guadalajara, close to Madrid. Monday is travel day: up at 4AM to get to the airport at 5 for the 7AM flight. We return to Mpls by way of Paris. Somewhere over the Atlantic, we will (I hope) sleep for the eight hour flight as we turn back time 7 hours. We arrive at 1PM on the same day. Then: Shuttle to ramp, hope the car starts, home, to face the fact that the heat went out on my house-sitters, who got the gas people in quickly to do the repair on the boiler. God, I hope it works!


Z said...

Bon voyage!

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