Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vitamix in the house!

I'm so excited! I bought a reconditioned Vitamix from the company website, and it arrived today. It's not the latest fancy model with pre-sets, but the motor and container are the same. I was thinking about a juicer, but I like the idea of just throwing in the beets and carrots and getting the whole thing, not just the juice.

Now I get to have fun exploring the wonderful world of youtube videos: raw foodies, green smoothies evangelists, vitamix preachers, and raw food advocates. A few bodybuilder bros.

One motivation for using a Vitamix is to make almond milk as a base for smoothies or substitute for dairy, and not have to recycle containers. I have not done a cost comparison, but I imagine it ends up being cheaper as well, if you shop carefully for the almonds. You can use almonds with or without  skins. Soaking is said to make the almonds more digestible. You don't have to strain your almond milk if you don't want to, but if you do, the left-over pulp can be added to other recipes. I am lazy, so I'm going to start out without straining. You can flavor almond milk with a little vanilla, or with a few dates, as in this video. Finally, you can freeze what you don't use right away.

I have a bag of beets in my fridge left over from my CSA, and I want to make ginger/beet/apple/carrot smoothies. I should make a movie!
More vitamix propaganda!

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